The "One World" Set

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Who they are: Actual or “armchair” global players, who see the world as a whole.  Not American-centric, but instead embrace cultural diversity and cultures and traditions from far-away lands.  Their palate and point of view is liberal and broad.

 Mode of transportation: From Rickshaws to Range Rovers….as long as you have your passport, anything is possible.

Clothing: Always a nod to personal style and fashions/traditions from home.

Music: All of it.


Firey Jumbo Shrimp lime-cayenne-serrano chilies on sugar cane skewers

Green Chili Crab Cakes, minted cucumber salsa

Aloo Tikki with tamarind jaggery chutney

From the Grill:

Grilled Asian Sesame Crust Tuna Steak and Korean Marinated Flank Steak

Harissa spiced Grilled Chicken Skewers

Ruby Red Pearls of Beet Stained Israeli Cous Cous
surrounded by red and golden yellow beets, horseradish sauce

World Condiment Bar
lime ginger aïoli, sirracha, horseradish sauce, nuac cham