Urban "New Next" Crowd

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Interested in local foods, sustainability, conscientious living, authentic and unadulterated presentations. An ironic bent or a statement from the past, re-worked for today is always appreciated.

Creative stylings and ironic juxtapositions of an independent nature.

Mode of transportation: Bike or Blue Line. Keep it simple.

Clothing: Anything vintage. Levis. Sundresses. Sneakers/no socks.  Nostalgic meets reinvention.

Music: Florence and the Machine, T-Rex, Joan Jett, Stray Cats, Jeff Buckley, Dwight Yoakam


Reclaimed wood passing trays of un-filtered apple juice with lime.  Large galvanized tubs filled with Ice, PBR and Goose Island’s Sofie and Pere Jaques.

Food served in/on single-use serviceware Vivterra products and drinks served in garage-sale collected glassware.

Mismatched vintage tables and chairs set among a self -landscaped garden filled with indigenous plants from the Midwestern prairie – juxtaposed against the downtown skyline at sunset. Candles set in paper lunch bags illuminate the ground so that guests can see where they’re going after sunset.


Mac and Cheese Fritters Logan Square Market Tomato Jam

Bubbly Grilled Cheese EC Handmade White Bread

Charred Herbed Fingerling Spuds on Sticks

Chicken Biscuit Crisp Breast, Hot Sauce and Honey Butter

Baby Beef Slider with Wisconsin Cheddar, Pickle

Pulled Pork Slider Local Slaw, Pickled Red Onion

Mini BBQ Chicken Sliders Country Slaw and EC Bun

Crispy Chick Pea Fries


Handheld Rhubarb-Strawberry Pie

S’Mores “Taco”