from sangeet to diwali: catering indian ceremony and celebration

Modern Indian Celebrations are a fusion of energy, color, love, humility and spirit of Indian culture mingled with contemporary sensibilities. These soulful affairs captivate their audience by embracing the exotic and the colorful tendencies of Indian culture while also holding up the simple joys of family, love, devotion and humility that are the universal foundation of celebration.

Modern Indian Celebrations uses signature Indian flavors and traditions as a palate from which inspiration is drawn, and marries it with present-day sensibilities creating a perfectly-balanced celebration.

Features of Modern Indian Celebrations are:

A Simple Solution for clients who are seeking to host an event with an Indian palate. Modern Indian Celebrations offers clients all the elements necessary to create the perfect contemporary celebration of Indian descent.

A Plated Style of Service is a unique signature of Modern Indian Celebrations. Giving an educated nod to the West by providing clients with a serving style that is beautiful while captivating guests with traditional Indian flavors.

An in-depth understanding of Indian Culture and nuance as well as an over-arching understanding of Southeast Asian customs and etiquette.