Modern Jewish Celebrations Dossier

Occasion: Bat Mitzvah

Location: Chicago, Illinois

The Mitzvah Mission

initial consultation revealed:

  • Modern Jewish Celebrations to plan and execute event in 1 Week.
  • Children and Adults to have two different event experiences; both were to boast a sophisticated tone.
  • Following service, 115 kids were to eat in 45 minutes at the Synagogue – then board bus to the Victor Hotel where a dance and dessert party awaited.
  • Following service, 145 adults were to stay behind at the Synagogue and enjoy a leisurely cocktail hour and luncheon.

The Modern Jewish Celebrations Recommendation:

Fun to Go!  Fun to Stay!

Modern Jewish Celebrations created two separate events, one party on-the-go for kids and one party designed for the adults to linger over and enjoy.


For Children’s Party:

  • Children exited service and were immediately met by long tables set with a “bento-style” box that featured their lunch as well as a small glass flowerpot filled with veggies and ranch dip.
  • Table centerpieces were bowls of house-made chocolate covered popcorn and chocolate dipped pretzels.
  • Waiters passed glass bottles of Orangina with straws.
  • Galvanized tubs set strategically about: featured iced glass bottles of root beer, orange soda, Coke and diet Coke.

For Adult Party:

  • Adults exited service and were immediately met by a series of cocktail bars and a seated lunch.


For Children’s Party:

  • Bento Boxes featuring mini sliders, grilled cheese and Kosher beef hot dogs, hand-made potato chips, fresh fruit salad, fresh veggies with ranch dip and a chocolate chip cookie

For Adult Party:

  • Individual platters of warm tomato soup, thinly sliced beef tenderloin with arugula sauce on a sourdough roll, vegetable wraps with hummus, roasted turkey, artichokes and sundried tomatoes, and up-market cole slaw.