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Lovely Notes From Our Clients

Barbara Birthwright – UC Biz

Just a note to express our appreciation for the superb job you did in catering the Fifth Pashigian Lecture Dinner. The people at my table – and later I heard it was unanimous – gave the highest praise to the food. The presentation was as outstanding as the food…to say we were pleased is an understatement!

Barbara B.
University of Chicago
Graduate School of Business

Sarah Finnegan – Rush Medical

You guys did a fabulous job last night. Thank you so much for all the hard work leading up to the event and for your careful attention to detail and responsiveness to our requests. It’s that level of care that makes an event sing. I am going to be your best reference from this point forward!

Sarah F.
Rush Medical Center
Donor Relations and Communications

Arica – Social Client

Kenny, I continue to get so many compliments about the party and I certainly owe you because I couldn’t have done it without you!!!! You are amazing!

Spring 2015

Janie Libles – Young & Rubicam

I have to tell you, I was so impressed with you last night. Besides the fabulous food and presentation of it, your attention to detail is what distinguishes you from the others!! As Y&R is in the service business as well, I can’t tell you what it meant when you were hustling on our behalf.

Janie L.
Young & Rubicam

Sharon O.

Hi Wendy. The hour is late, but praise should not have to wait. The food was delicious, the presentations were stunningly beautiful and your wonderful team made everyone feel like an honored guest. It was the best ever! Thank you so much for creating such an unforgettable evening. Cheers!

Sharon O.


Have to say that nobody can touch the quality of work you do with cocktail parties! You really have mastered the art and logistics of these down pat. It’s a great luxury to be able to attend to my guests with the confidence that your crew will make everything work splendidly. The food was a wonderful combination of flavors, and it looked beautiful too. A number of our guests gave your performance rave reviews as well. Many, many thanks to you, Veronica, and the rest of your team.


Aditi and Tom – Spring 2015

Thank you so much for all you put into the wedding. We had a great experience with you and your staff. I know my cousins loved your bartenders. For example, my brother said he finished a beer and by the time he walked up to the bar the bar tender already had a new one placed out for him wrapped in a napkin. We also loooooved that a server came up with wine for me and liquor for tom right after we were announced and up on the balcony steps. Plus two of every appetizer presented to us up there was an amazing touch. I will never forget that moment.The food was excellent, even better than at the tasting! Even my aunt who is an amazing indian cook was impressed and that means A LOT. Plus, my mom will never stop talking about the tasting!

Aditi and Tom
Spring 2015

Keith Jacobs

Noah’s bar mitzvah was something I don’t think most people have ever seen in their entire life. I have received calls not only from the adults, but also from several kids who couldn’t believe what they were eating! The Entertaining Company should be re-named ‘The AMAZING Entertaining Company” because it is, and more importantly, so are you!

Everything you have done, the time you had spent going over and above the norm, will never be forgotten. You are truly a unique, outstanding professional and a very special friend.

Keith J.
The Jacobs Companies

Corrine Chaussepied – Merrill Lynch

The execution was flawless and the room was gorgeous. I cannot thank you enough!

Corrine C.
Merrill Lynch

Susan Thibodeaux – Masterplan, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for taking such excellent care of us at Café Brauer – I don’t know what we would have done without you! You guys just ‘get it’. In our business, it is SO nice to work with people who go above and beyond to make things happen. Thanks for being an extension of our team.

Susan T.
Masterplan, Inc.

Howard B.

I wanted to thank you for a job well done. I have to say we were somewhat skeptical with the idea of serving high quality food and cocktails in our home venue. We have heard nothing except raves about the food and level of service. Our guests were served and attended to in a way that is not duplicated at the finest of five star hotels. We were so pleased with the way the night went and your company was a big part of it.

Howard B.

Alexa and Jason

We were planning to wait to thank you until we officially got our stationery, but I have been getting such rave feedback on the food that I can’t wait any longer! None of our friends can stop talking about how incredible the food was… Seriously, from the minute we got downstairs in cocktail hour, people couldn’t stop raving about how great the food was and what their favorite apps were. We can’t thank you enough for your patience with us and for playing such a big role in making our wedding so incredible! We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out!!

Alexa and Jason