the team

Wendy Pashman
Global Nomad/Grande Dame

Wendy Pashman, Owner and Founder of Entertaining Company, turned her passion for living boldly through celebration into her full time occupation when she began her own catering company in 1989.

A self-described wanderer, Wendy spends her time collecting and cataloguing worldly inspirations like precious keepsakes. Passionate about all things lush and colorful, Wendy’s thirst for culture informs her reputation as “The Idea Caterer,” as she crafts vibrant celebrations that are one-of-a-kind; showcasing delicious, always-changing menus, lush décor and fantastical settings.

Wendy and her ever-supportive husband, Michael, have two daughters, Remy and Anna and a rescue-dog named Patty Cakes.

Julie Fitzgerald
General Manager/Executive Assistant and “Office Glue” (Scissors and Rock, too)

The always-busy Julie is constantly in search of the 48-hour day, but would settle for the 6-day workweek. She is the one who cheerfully dots every “i” and crosses every “t” when we aren’t even looking and we are convinced she has more than two hands. Julie has been with Entertaining Company since the very early days and is as responsible for who we are today as Wendy is! She knows every side of the business, from sales to operations to logistics and she can even recognize our client's voices on the phone before they introduce themselves. As such, she is officially the "voice" of Entertaining Company! 

In short, we would all be lost without her. While we know that this little write up is making you wish she worked for you. She’s all ours, so hands off!

Norma Maloney
VP of Marketing & Business Development

We felt like we won the lottery when Norma joined us in 2010. After being the Vice President of Lettuce Entertain You’s Special Event Division for 15 years, Norma is wise, fun and the gal that you want to walk into the party with because she knows everyone in the room. She’s a pro at turning dreams into a reality – and that benefits our treasured clients as well as our fearless leader, Wendy.

Denise Robinette
Senior Consultant 

Denise has been in the hospitality industry for 20-plus years and is our maven of all things entertaining.  If you see a blond blur dash by when you visit the Entertaining Company offices, it’s probably Denise. She’s a busy gal who produces more than 600 events per year. That’s nearly 2 events per day for those of you who are fuzzy on math.

Kenneth Woodman
Sales Consultant

Kenneth is keen on design and can’t help but give his affairs a little touch of the theatrical.  He’s all about the big un-veil.  Perhaps his interior design background has a little something to do with that. Kenneth’s signature is the fact that he always dashes off a little something extra – a little Bang!  Wham!  Pow!  From textiles to props to design elements that create a setting where the food can really take advantage of its starring role and be noticed – just like Kenneth himself.

Regan Tate

Regan suspected her future lay in food when she eschewed Sesame Street for The Food Network at the age of 3. Today, she combines her passion for food, fashion (she's a fashion blog aficionado!) and travel, (she's been to all 50 states!) as a key member of our creative and planning team.

Shawn Doolin
Executive Chef/Magician

Shawn is our amazing Executive Chef and has been wooing Entertaining Company’s clients with his irresistible culinary creations for more than 15 years. In his spare time he is a dedicated yogi, which explains how he can contort himself into so many positions behind the stoves. We love everything that Shawn does, and that has nothing to do with the fact that he brings fresh-from-the-oven cookies to us at our desks from time to time. We swear.

Juve Morales
Sous Chef 

Hailing from Michoacàn, Mexico, Juve knew that he had cooking in his soul at the tender age of 12 and he hasn't had a moment of doubt since. Juve prides himself on his work at Entertaining Company, feeling strongly that when he cooks with love and passion his guests can taste the difference.  Juve and his wife have three young children, two boys and a girl, and a beloved family dog named Frieda Kahlo.

Jacqueline Rowley
Kitchens Operations Manager

Organized and a breath of sunshine in our kitchens! Jacqueline attended Le Cordon Bleu and studied patisserie after working in her family owned restaurant kitchens for 10 years. Olympia Fields Country Club gave Jacqueline hands on experience at prep and pastry along with influencing new menu items. Catering comes naturally to Jacqueline… nothing is too big or too small for her to tackle! Hoop Dancing keeps Jacqueline happy in her off time along with her cats, Little Mama and Boots!

Andrea Cuttiford
Director of Operations

Andie is the very definition of Entertaining Company: worldly. She came to us from McCormick Place – by way of Portland, Oregon, France, Italy, Ireland and…Laos. (Wow!) She really has seen it all.  We love her stories, but are thrilled that she is staying put in Chicago.  With Entertaining Company, Andie is one of our behind-the-scenes gals who thinks through every last logistical issue and sets everyone up for success.  Moreover, as beverage manager, she is charged with tasting and selecting all of the libations offered at Entertaining Company.  Luckily for us, Andie shares.

Tom Sierra
Operations Manager

Tom, a 23-year veteran of the catering industry, is our esteemed staffing manager.  He oversees the front-of-house, operations, and staffing; giving our Entertaining Company waitstaff that signature service style that makes them all efficient and at ease. When Tom isn't at work he is spending time with his wife, his 2-year old - Dylan - and collecting rare vinyl records.  (A hold-over from his 20 years as a DJ on the side...).

Marissa Giardini
Manager of Finance and Accounting

Marissa, Entertaining Company's resident numbers expert.. She is on-point every day and keeps everyone in the office in line – and on line-item.  We feel for Marissa as she spends every day keeping all of the “creative types” focused, but no one on earth could do it with more charm or grace.  Marissa has her Master's in Accounting from UIC and her CPA.  We’re totally impressed.